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Earlies Property Maintenance - Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair Hollywood, FL

''We Are Who Your Sprinkler Man Calls''

Earlies Property Maintenace brings professional sprinkler repair services for Commercial and Residential Sprinkler Systems in Hollywood, FL, and surrounding areas. So if you have a business or home that is in need of sprinkler repairs or upgrades, contact Earlies Property Maintenance for our Sprinkler Repair Services.

Earlies Property MAINTENANCE Will get Your Irrigation System Back in Supreme Shape

A defective sprinkler system can be a big issue on your Hollywood property. If you are doubtful to have professionals repair your sprinkler system due to the cost involved or the likelihood of an entire replacement, don’t worry. You will be happily amazed to know that our sprinkler system repair service is both reasonable and effective. All it takes is a single phone call to get started on the repair of your sprinkler system.

Why Choose Earlies Property Maintenace?


You, as the customer are our first priority. What this means is we are willing to go the extra mile to earn your business, trust, and build a long term relationship.


Licensed and Insured we are a sprinkler company you can depend on. We will consistently provide you with high-quality service no matter the size of the job it will get done correctly giving you peace of mind.


With 20 + years of experience in the irrigation industry, we are well trained and prepared to handle any sprinkler repairs and services. Also, you will receive the white glove supreme service you deserve during all interactions with us.

Latest Repairs

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You Should Repair Your Sprinkler System as Quickly as Possible

You will benefit in many ways by letting Earlies Property Maintenace fix your sprinkler system. The repair of your sprinkler system will prevent severe damage to your landscape. Another benefit you will get out of fixing your sprinkler system is sufficient watering of your property. Not to mention, you won’t waste water which will also lower your water bill. We will make sure your sprinkler system functions properly so your Hollywood, FL property looks its best.

A Detailed Method to Repairing Sprinkler Systems

Earlies Property Maintenace knows exactly what to observe when reviewing sprinkler systems in need of repairs. Put your faith in Earlies Property Maintenance and you will rest easy while the best in the business gets your Hollywood, FL irrigation system back to normal. We will not stop until we have located the actual cause of the issue. Just as valuable is the fact that the repair we provide will limit similar problems from developing in the future. This is the careful and precise approach your sprinkler system needs for the most efficient and steady operation possible.

Hollywood, FL Sprinkler Services

As seasoned sprinkler repair specialists in Hollywood, we will identify and solve any issues with your sprinkler system to ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently.

Sprinkler Leaks

Leaks in your sprinklers can end up wasting water, increasing your water bill, or sometimes leaving dry spots on your lawn.

Broken Sprinkler Pipes

If you see water spraying out of the line, bubbling water, or a row of sprinkler heads aren’t spraying water properly then chances are your line is broken.

Clogged Sprinkler Head

If water barely exits the nozzle while the system is up and running your irrigation system may be clogged with dirt or debris.

Pumps & Timers

There are a few reasons why your sprinkler pump or timer is not working properly the causes can range from electrical to not getting enough water.

Wiring Issues

We have the latest wire and sprinkler tracking equipment to locate and repair any valves, damaged wires, or electrical issues.

Removed Sprinkler Nozzles

If any of the nozzles from a spray-type sprinkler system become removed, we can find and repair the missing or broken nozzle and determine the proper replacement.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Take care of your lawn and irrigation system with routine sprinkler maintenance that will avoid wasted water and fast repairs.

Commercial Sprinkler Repairs & Maintenance

We offer all sprinkler services for commercial accounts like homeowner associations, office parks, recreational facilities, and shopping malls.
And Much More...

Sprinkler Repair For Hollywood, FL Commercial Properties

Parks & Recreational Facilities
Hollywood Parks Sprinkler Repair Service
If you manage a Hollywood community center, public park, or recreational facility, the health of your landscape is extremely important for functionality, not just appearance. Earlies Property Maintenance can help you grow and protect the type of soft, green lawn that is suitable for outdoor events.
Office Parks, Schools, & Universities
Hollywood Business Center Sprinkler Service
Let Earlies Property Maintenance keep your Hollywood, FL office park, school, or university looking lively and inviting with our sprinkler repair and services. A lush, green office park or campus can add to a setting where employees and students are happy to work and learn together.
Stores, Restaurants, & Shopping Malls
Hollywood Shopping Centers Sprinkler Repair Service
Earlies Property Maintenance has worked with many different stores, restaurants, shopping malls in Hollywood, and surrounding areas. We are the experts that can give consistent sprinkler service to keep your grounds appealing and glamorous to customers.
Homeowners Associations
Hollywood HOA Sprinkler Repair Service
Homeowners Associations are faced with the challenge of sustaining the status of their properties while keeping expenses in check. Earlies Property Maintenance provides sprinkler and irrigation repairs/services to communities of all sizes in Hollywood, from single buildings to stretched out multi-home neighborhoods.

Benefits Of A Sprinkler System For Your Hollywood, FL Property

The proper lawn irrigation system will keep the appearance of your lawn flawless by providing the water it needs—without wasting a drop. Some of the many benefits of a fully functioning sprinkler system include:

A Lowered Water Bill

A properly installed sprinkler system can effectively cut the water bill for your Hollywood property, saving you money every year. Additionally, your plants will last longer so you won’t have to keep buying new sod and seed.

A Thriving and Good-Looking Lawn

With a high performing irrigation system, you can keep your lawn flourishing and green all year long. A sprinkler system will provide routine irrigation at the proper levels to encourage healthy growth for your Hollywood, FL property.

More Time

Less watering, more time a professional sprinkler will do the watering for you. Providing you with more time to relax, devote time with your family, and appreciate your wonderful Hollywood yard.

Increased Property Value

By having a superior sprinkler system installed on your property, you can improve the resale value of your Hollywood, FL property. A delightful green lawn is pleasing to everyone, as is the promise of hassle-free maintenance.

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